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Konicom data recovery professionals have over 30 years of combined technical knowledge and expertise in all types of data recovery. We specialize in RAID data recovery, smartphone data recovery, hard drive data recovery and cleanroom data recovery. We pride ourselves in our “No Data, No Charge” policy. With our sophisticated data recovery tools and our ISO 5/Class 100 Certified data recovery cleanroom facility, we are able to save data for countless individual customers as well as business entities. The charge depends on the level of difficulty on retrieving the data. The amount of data to be recovered does not greatly affect our pricing consideration. To see details of our data recovery process, please CLICK HERE to select the State you are in.

Portable Media data recovery

Portable Media Data Recovery

......Logical Data Recovery $150 - $299
......Physical Data Recovery $300 and up  
  • We offer Logical Data Recovery from $150 to $299 per device on the following types of media:
    USB Flash Drive, Compact Flash, Secure Digital Flash Card, Flash Memory, San Disk (SD Memory Card), Camera Memory Cards, Memory Stick, CD, and DVD. Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, LG Android, BlackBerry, and other Smartphone Data Recovery start at $200.
  • For portable media involving physical damage that requires additional labor to prepare the device, the charge will be $300 and up.

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Tier II and III data recovery

Hard Drive Data Recovery

...........Tier I   $150 - $299
...........Tier II  $300 - $799
...........Tier III $800 and up   
  • Hard drive making grinding, clicking, or abnormal noises
  • Blue screen errors
  • Formatted hard drive
  • Error messages such as “Drive or device not found”
  • Damage due to virus or malware infection
  • Hard drive crashed or corrupted
  • Media has internal physical damaged and data can't be accessed
  • Fire or water damage

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RAID data recovery

RAID Data Recovery

............Call for Pricing
  • RAID array or controller failure
  • RAID disks logical and/or mechanical failure
  • RAID misconfiguration
  • RAID disks failure due to power fluctuation
  • Intermittent drive failure resulting in RAID degradation
  • Server won't boot up
  • File structure corruption due to disruption of logical volumes
  • Multiple hard drive failure

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We offer AFFORDABLE RATES surpassing most other data recovery companies.
We carry a slogan: NO DATA, NO CHARGE POLICY. If we cannot recover the data that is pertinent to you, there is no charge!

Our Data Recovery Services

Having been in the computer technology business for over 24 years, we at Konicom understand that computer data is one of the most valuable and irreplaceable parts of your business or personal life. Utilizing sophisticated data recovery tools and an ISO 5/Class 100 certified cleanroom facility, we are able to retrieve lost computer data in the event of a damaged hard drive or system crash. With our state-of-the-art data recovery technology, our goal is to provide the most reliable and cost-effective data recovery service possible. With this goal in mind, we constantly invest in and study the latest data recovery tools and techniques.

Our data recovery services are among the most affordable in the nation. Pricing is dependent on the level of difficulty of retrieving the data rather than the actual amount of data to be recovered. We provide free evaluations to determine the exact price and data recovery is performed only after your approval of the cost. Below is a brief summary of how we determine pricing:
  • Tier I data recovery: If your device is responding, has no physical damage, does not make any beeping/clicking noises, then it will be between $150 and $299.
  • Tier II data recovery: If your device is not responding, or if we need to modify/prepare the device in order to read the data, the price will be between $300 and $799. We provide replacement parts at NO additional cost to you.
  • Tier III data recovery: For devices (typically hard drives) that require disassembly and/or internal part replacement in a cleanroom environment, the price ranges from $800 to $1200. We provide replacement parts at NO additional cost to you.
  • In all other cases, we will provide an exact price quote after evaluating the device.
Given our high recovery success rate, we take pride in our “No Data, No Charge” policy. If we are unable to recover your important data, there is no charge to you. In the event that the data is 100% recovered but you end up needing only a portion of it, the price estimate remains unchanged. If we are able to partially recover your data, you have two options: decline the data at no charge to you, or accept the data and pay a lower amount based on the percentage of data recovered.

Our technicians have successfully recovered data from nearly all types of media. Our track record includes but is not limited to the following:

Desktop and Laptop:
  • PC hard drive data recovery (SATA, IDE, SCSI, and more)
  • Apple/Mac hard drive data recovery
  • Solid State drive (SSD) data recovery (both PC and Mac)
  • Data recovery due to accidental drive format or deletion
  • Data recovery due to corrupted operating system and/or file system
  • Data recovery due to fire or water damage
Portable storage devices:
  • External hard drive data recovery (Flash drive, USB enclosure, etc.)
  • Memory card data recovery (Memory Stick, SD Card, Flash memory, CF card)
  • DVD/CD data recovery
  • Smartphone data recovery (Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, LG Android, BlackBerry)
  • RAID array (striped set, mirror, spanned volume, and more) data recovery
  • Database recovery (SQL, Exchange, email, and more)

Our Featured Services

  • RAID Array Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Portable Media Data Recovery
  • Smartphone/Tablet Data Recovery
  • Database Recovery (Exchange, Email, SQL and more)
  • Laptop and PC Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • MAC Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Certified Class 100 ISO 5 Cleanroom Data Recovery

We service data recovery customers from all cities in 50 States.
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Regardless where you are in the United States, you can send us the media whenever you need data recovery services and count on us to deliver the best possible data recovery/data retrieval/hard drive recovery/disk recovery.

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