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Emergency Data Recovery Services

When data that is critical to your business or personal life suddenly becomes unusable or goes missing, it can be devastating. Years of irreplaceable information could be lost, or you could suddenly be at risk for missing an important deadline. Whatever the situation, we understand that in your time of need you want service that is not only reliable, but fast as humanly possible. As a premiere data recovery service provider in the Maine area we have handled these situations countless times, and we understand that every minute can feel like an eternity when your critical data is on the line.

Our emergency data recovery service guarantees that recovering your data becomes our top priority, regardless if it happens to be on a normal business day, a weekend or a holiday. As soon as we receive your device (or the entire set of drives in the case of a RAID array), we treat your data recovery with the utmost importance. Data recovery status and overall progress can be provided via phone, text, or our online data recovery status portal.

Emergency Data Recovery Service Turnaround Time

No matter how quickly the devices are gathered and repaired, there are still a few factors that can affect the overall turnaround time for emergency data recovery for our customers in the Maine area. The first is the amount of bad sectors that exist on the disk(s). While bad sectors do not mean that data recovery is impossible, it can greatly affect the speed at which data can be extracted. The other main factor is the availability of donor parts in the event they need to be special ordered. Shipping times may vary depending on the availability of the individual parts. Because of these 2 main factors, we cannot provide an exact turnaround time for all emergency cases. However in all other aspects of the data recovery process we guarantee to give your case more priority than all other standard data recovery cases.

To help minimize turnaround time, the best thing to do is to submit (via email) a picture of the front and back of the device prior to shipping it to us. This allows us to prepare or preorder donor parts using express shipping before your device from Maine reaches us. It can also save time to inform us ahead of time of what data is most critical to you so we can search for it immediately once the device is operational again.

Emergency Data Recovery Service Pricing

As with all our services, our goal is to provide a timely and cost-effective solution for Emergency Data recovery for our customers in the Maine area. The additional cost for emergency data recovery is not dependent on how much time/money we spend to have our technician recover your data during after-hours, weekends and holidays. The cost for emergency service is twice the cost of a standard data recovery. This is mainly to cover the cost of expediting the shipment of donor parts.

Emergency Data recovery Service over weekends or holidays

Our data recovery team is always available to receive, evaluate and work on emergency cases even on weekends or holidays for our customers in the Maine area. To contact a staff member and request emergency data recovery service, please call or text 916-470-3321.

Click here to contact our Maine data backup service portal for your inquiries or call us at (888)311-3282.

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