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Remote Data Backup- Automatic, Secure, and always Online

If you've ever lost critical data to theft, hard drive failure, or human error, then most likely you know the pain of losing valuable time and money to something that could have been avoided. Data recovery may be possible but can also be expensive.

To help our customers in the Maine area prevent data loss and avoid the need for expensive data recovery, we offer a remote data backup service to ensure your data is backed up, secure, and retrievable at any time. At Konicom, even though our specialty is data recovery, our ultimate goal is to ensure customer satisfaction by recognizing their long-term needs. Small businesses and individuals in the Maine area can make use of our private remote backup service that was once only available to large corporations. It is designed to protect any important data, large or small to avoid the potential need for data recovery. Anything from picture, emails, documents, financial information, and even databases can be backed up.

Our remote data backup service is proven to be secure, robust, and dependable as a disaster recovery plan. The backup service utilizes a multi-level, multi-location process with RAID devices. By having over 400,000 implementations worldwide, our online backup software is proven to be reliable. Data is protected using 128-bit encryption and is inaccessible to anyone but yourself. Even our employees are not given access to your files. Upon request, we provide daily backup reports via email to provide ease of mind that your data is protected. Never worry about losing valuable data again. Please visit our official Remote Backup Center site for more information.

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