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Data Recovery Pricing Guide and Turnaround Times

Pricing Principle

We provide free evaluations and estimates for all types of media for our customers in the area. Our data recovery prices simply depend on the level of difficulty to retrieve the data, based on the average time and effort needed to perform the data recovery. The actual amount of data to be recovered does not greatly affect our pricing.

Our policy is: "No data, no charge!" If we cannot recover the data that is important to you, there is no charge. However, if you only want a portion of the data that was recovered, the original quoted price does not change.

All customers must verify their recovered data at checkout. No refunds are issued once the data leaves our premises.

Below is a general description of our pricing structure for our customers in the area to help provide an idea of how much your data recovery may cost. An exact quote will be provided once we perform an evaluation of your media.

Pricing Guide

Memory Stick Logical Data Recovery - $150 to $299 per media

For non-physical problems like accidental deletion, formatting, etc. on portable storage devices, we charge between $150 to $299 per device. This includes the following devices: USB flash drives, thumb drives, SanDisk (SD) cards, Memory Stick Pro, Compact Flash, miscellaneous camera memory cards, CD, and DVD. Data recovery for smartphones such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, LG Android, BlackBerry, etc. starts at $200.

For portable devices with physical damage (broken connector, water damage, etc.), our Physical Data Recovery price range is $300 and up per device.

Tier 1 PC Data Recovery - From $150 to $299 per media

Most data loss that occurs due to human operating error will be in this price range. Tier 1 data recovery applies to software-related situations such as, accidental data deletion, formatted hard drives, operating system problems due to damaged system files, etc. These are situations that can be resolved simply by using specialized data recovery software.

Tier 2 PC Data Recovery - From $300 to $799 per media

Problems that require more than just data recovery software start at the Tier 2 pricing category. Tier 2 applies to minor physical problems like bad sectors as well as serious logical problems like corrupt firmware.

When a hard drive makes clicking noises, the price tends to fall in the high end of the Tier 2 price range. However if the data recovery process requires a component exchange with donor hard drive, then it would fall under our Tier 3 price range.

Tier 3 PC Data Recovery - $800 and up per media

Tier 3 data recovery applies to serious problems such as visible physical damage, clicking noises, broken drive components, as well as critical database/file structure damage. This category usually requires a cleanroom environment for a successful data recovery. The labor-intensive process of Tier 3 drive repair requires the skill of an experienced professional who services the area. No matter what happens, we cover the cost for all donor/replacement parts.

RAID Data Recovery - Call for pricing

Each RAID data recovery case is treated with the utmost attention and is priced according to the results of our free evaluation. For the evaluation to occur, we will need every drive in the RAID array (not just the bad drives).

Macintosh Data Recovery - Call for pricing

Our pricing structure for Macintosh data recovery is the same as for PC data recovery (Tier 1, 2, and 3).

Our Turnaround Time (not including Shipping to the area)

  • One to three business days for Laptop or PC hard drive data recovery
  • Three to five business days for Macintosh hard drive data recovery
  • All RAID/Server data recovery is treated as an emergency request, we work 24/7 to get the data back to you ASAP.

Preventing Future Data Loss

To help protect against data loss, we offer an affordable, automatic, and secure Online Remote Data Backup Service for our customers in the area. This proactive solution ensures that your data is safe, secure and accessible to no one but you. For as little as $10 a month (up to 10 GB of data, higher quotas are available), you’ll never again have to worry about losing data from accidental deletions, hard drive failure, or theft. For more information, please visit our Remote Backup Center Web site at:

Click here to contact our data recovery service portal for your inquiries or call us at (888)311-3282.

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