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UNIX / Linux / Sun Data Recovery

UNIX or Unix- based operating systems (Linux, Sun, Solaris Intel, Solaris SPARC, SCO OpenServer, etc.) are widely used today for large scale, high-end critical applications ranging from databases, website development, and more. They are infamous for being more stable and efficient for critical applications than their Windows or Mac server counterparts. However, not any one computer system is invulnerable to data loss. When a data loss occurs on a critical system, you should only rely on the most knowledgeable and reliable professionals you can find that service the Maine area. At Konicom we have an in-depth understanding of UNIX, Linux, and other UNIX-based file systems, which gives us the ability to provide quick and reliable data recovery for our Maine customers’ mission critical servers and applications. Since UNIX is open-source, there are countless different types of operating systems and file system types that need to be understood in order to provide reliable UNIX and Linux data recovery services for our customers in the Maine area.

While the basic file system structures of Linux and other UNIX-based operating systems can be similar, various optimizations over the years have led to more and more differences between the file systems for each OS. These file systems include: UFS, XFS, HTFS, EFS, EAFS, FFS, JFS, AIX, VxFS, EXT2/3, and more. While these have a reputation of being more reliable than Windows NTFS and Mac HFS, they are still vulnerable to corruption from time to time. To be able to provide a reliable data recovery service for Linux, UNIX, etc. means knowing the ins and outs of all the different possible system configurations and how to recover data from them.

UNIX / Linux Data Recovery Services

At Konicom we offer the following UNIX / Linux Data recovery services for our customers in the Maine area:
  • Data recovery on missing/deleted files and directories in: UFS, XFS, HTFS, EFS, EAFS, FFS, JFS, AIX, VxFS, EXT2/3
  • Recover data from damaged or corrupt Unix, Linux, Sun, Solaris Intel, Solaris SPARC, and SCO OpenServer operating systems
  • Data recovery on Unix Superblock and inode data
  • Recover data due to physical hard drive crash (SATA, IDE, SCSI, EIDE)
  • Data recovery due to file or whole disk encryption
  • Recover data from lost/deleted partitions and volumes
  • Data recovery due to corrupted partition table
  • Recover data from a backup image of a volume/hard disk drive
  • Data recovery on deleted files in XFS UFS, XFS, VxFS, HTFS, EFS , EAFS, EXT2/3, FFS, AIX and JFS file systems
  • Recover data in its original format
  • Data recovery on corrupt data structures
  • Recover data on hard drives with deleted system files and folders
  • Data recovery on lost data from HTFS and EAFS file system based SCO OpenServer
  • Data recovery on deleted or formatted UNIX data from any HTFS or EAFS file system based volume
  • Recover data loss from damaged and corrupted Unix, Linux, Sun, Solaris Intel, Solaris SPARC and SCO OpenServer hard drives
  • Data recovery on lost data from hard drives with different interfaces, such as SCSI, SATA, EIDE, and IDE
  • Recover data by scanning selected EAFS or HTFS file system based volume
  • Unix Superblock, iNodes and Data Blocks structure partitions Data recovery
  • Recover data from different data file system: Data area, Groups, Reiser FS disk structure and Multiple file systems
  • Recover lost data due to hard disk drive crashed
  • Data recovery due to system encryption
  • Damaged Solaris Intel hard drive data recovery
  • Data recovery on operating system missing volumes or lost partitions
  • Recover data by scanning previously saved image file of a volume
  • Data Recovery to find accidentally or intentionally deleted files, or inaccessible data on damaged hard drive
  • Recover data due to deleted/lost volume
  • Data recovery on lost directories
  • Recover data from lost HTFS and EAFS volumes
  • Data recovery on files and folders with attributes
  • Data recovery by searching for logical volumes
  • Recover data from all UFS and VxFS drives having corrupt superblocks or a corrupt LVM (Logical Volume Manager)
  • Data recovery on drive information from the partition table
  • Data recovery on corrupted hard disk drive
  • Recovery data due to missing or lost files and folders
  • Data recovery on damaged or corrupt UNIX HTFS and EAFS file systems
  • Recover lost or deleted data from UFS and VxFS based drives/volumes
  • Data recovery on lost files, folders, directories, or volumes from corrupt or inaccessible UFS and VxFS based hard disks
  • Data recovery of lost files and folders by scanning the logical drive
  • Recovery data by scanning the logical drive
  • Data recovery on files missing from the tree structure
  • Data recovery on specific file type with include and exclude file extensions, file type, size, and date

Unavailable UNIX / Linux Data Recovery Services

Please note that in the following scenarios, data recovery is not possible:
  • When a file system repair utility has made irreversible changes to the file system
  • Where file data has been overwritten after being deleted
  • Ring scratches on all types of hard disk drives
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