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RAID Data Recovery Situations

As the amount of business data being stored electronically continues to grow, more and more small to medium size businesses in have switched to using RAID storage systems. RAID arrays are an effective storage solution due to their higher fault tolerance. When a RAID array actually fails, RAID data recovery can be tricky as there are many types of possible configurations. If not handled skillfully and carefully, RAID data recovery can backfire and result in further data corruption.

Using advanced RAID hard drive data recovery tools and sophisticated methods, we have gained a proven track record in recovering critical data from IDE, SATA, eSATA, SAS, SCSI, and iSCSI RAID arrays. These configurations can be from NAS, SAN and server RAID systems.

Our technicians who service the area are professionally trained to recover data from the following types of RAID configurations:
RAID Array Levels

RAID Array data recovery can be performed for the following situations:
Data recovery due to hardware failures
  • Bad sectors
  • Backup drive failures
  • Burnt or failed power supply
  • Damaged actuator
  • Damaged Motor
  • Damaged head
  • Damaged controller chip
  • Hard drive firmware corruption
  • Hard drives making clicking, grinding, or other abnormal noises
  • Hard drive head crash
  • Hard drive crashes
  • Hard disk drive malfunction
  • Hard disk drive component failure
  • Intermittent hard drive failures
  • Intermittent drive failure resulting in RAID degradation
  • Media surface contamination
  • Multiple RAID hard drive failure
  • RAID controller failure
  • RAID disk drive overheating
  • RAID drive incompatibility
  • RAID drive overheat
  • RAID Array unrecognized
  • RAID degradation caused by intermittent drive failure
  • RAID Configuration Corruption
  • RAID controller Malfunction
  • RAID Array disk failure
  • RAID Array hard drive repartition
  • RAID Array missing partitions
  • RAID server won’t boot up
  • RAID disks logical and/or mechanical failure
  • Vibration damage
Data recovery due to software failures
  • Corrupt files / data
  • Computer virus and worm
  • Corrupt or damaged files and folders
  • Computer virus or worm attack
  • Directory corruption
  • Damaged files or folders
  • File structure corruption due to disruption of logical volumes
  • Firmware corruption
  • Missing or inaccessible drive partitions/volumes
  • RAID array configuration lost or corrupted
  • Server OS unable to boot
  • Server registry misconfiguration
Data recovery due to user errors
  • Accidental physical or liquid damage
  • Accidental RAID drive/array reformat
  • Accidental repartitioning
  • Accidental file deletion/overwrite
  • Data loss due to employee sabotage
  • Incorrect replacement of drive components
  • Lost/forgot password
  • RAID array misconfiguration
  • RAID configuration overwritten
  • Water Spilled over RAID hard drive
Data recovery due to application failures
  • Applications unable to load or open files
  • Corrupted application files
  • Corrupted database
  • Deleted/missing tables
  • Locked database(s)
Data recovery due to natural causes in the area
  • Fire, flood, earth quake, lightning or storm damage
  • RAID disks failure due to power spike or fluctuation

If you experience any RAID Array accessibility problems or experience RAID data loss, please bring the drives to a professional RAID data recovery firm that services the area to help you retrieve data if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself. Konicom’s RAID data recovery service covers customers from the area. We are more than happy to provide RAID data recovery assistance whenever it is needed. We have over 15 years of experience in RAID data recovery. You can rest easy knowing that we always strive to bring your RAID data recovery to success.

Receiving RAID Data Recovery Order

In order for us to provide a successful RAID data recovery, we will need all the drives from the array. Please ship your RAID drives from any local Fedex, UPS or USPS in . In most cases, RAID array data recovered is mission-critical. We take RAID data recovery as our top priority, and all of our RAID data recovery procedures are performed in a secured area. RAID data recovery cases accepted by our lab will be evaluated immediately as long as we receive all the related RAID drives and other necessary elements. All RAID data recovery evaluations are also provided free of charge to our customers. After our initial evaluation, we will provide you with both a cost estimate and explanation of our approach. No data recovery will begin without your approval. After you have approved the quote we will begin the data recovery process ASAP. If the RAID data recovery is not successful, then there is no charge to you.

Delivering RAID Data Recovery

Once the RAID data recovery is completed, your data is transferred onto an external hard drive and shipped back to you immediately. We will pay for all standard return shipping costs.

Click here to contact our RAID data recovery service portal for your inquiries or call us at (888)311-3282.

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