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Data Recovery Process

  1. Before Submitting Your Device for Data Recovery

    When you experience data loss, the following tips will maximize your chances for a successful data recovery.

    • Unless you are a trained professional and have the right tools, DO NOT attempt to perform data recovery on your own. This includes using data recovery software downloaded from the internet. Doing so may damage your device and render the data lost forever.
    • Consult our data recovery experts who service the area for tips on how to handle your device before submitting it for data recovery. In most cases we can provide a rough price range estimate over the phone.
    • You have the option of bringing your device in person, or shipping it to our shop at 1819 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95811 during our normal business hours. No appointments necessary.
  2. Free Media Evaluation for Data Recovery

    We provide free evaluations for all types of media for our customers in the area. Our standard turnaround time for evaluations is 1-3 business days for laptop/PC, and up to 5 days for Macintosh. RAID array evaluations are considered urgent by default and performed ASAP, 24/7. After the evaluation is completed, one of our data recovery experts who service the area will contact you with an exact price quote. At that point you have the option to authorize us to proceed at the proposed price, or to decline the data recovery at no cost.
  3. Checking the Status of Your Data Recovery

    Data recovery status can be checked online by visiting our status page. Once there, just type in your data recovery service order number and your customer ID. From there you can check the progress of your data recovery and read the notes left by our technician(s).
  4. Verifying/Receiving Your Data

    When the data recovery process is complete, you are required to verify that the data recovered is what you are looking for. This can be done either in person or via a remote screen-sharing session. If the data recovered is not what you are looking for, there is no charge.

    Once the data has been verified, it must be copied to a working storage device such as an external hard drive or another computer. Previously damaged drives are at higher risk of another failure so we do not reuse the old drive when copying the data back to you. New hard drives are available for purchase if needed. If you use your own device please make sure that it is in good condition, as we are not responsible for any data loss after the data has left our premises.

    If your data is time-sensitive or you are not able to pick up the data at our location, your recovered data can be downloaded via our secure FTP channel. If you need this service please notify our staff ahead of time.
  5. Preventing Future Data Loss

    We offer an automatic, secure Remote Data Backup service as a preventative solution for data loss for our customers in . Never again worry about losing critical data and the potential cost of data recovery. With Konicom's remote data backup, your data is backed up daily and all changes and deletions can be reversible within 30 days.

    Our cloud-based data backup solution means your backup data will be available anytime you need it. Our prices start as low as $10 per month (10GB quota), and signing up is quick and easy. Please click the following links for Pricing Information or to Sign Up. For more details, please visit our Remote Backup Center at
  6. Click here to contact our data recovery service portal for your inquiries or call us at (888)311-3282.

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